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Campers are able to receive both mail and email during session. Each day at lunch, mail is distributed to campers and staff. You can use the form below to send emails to campers and staff.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind:
• Emails will be printed out each day at 11:00am.  Any emails received after 11:00am will be printed the following day.
• Fill out the Camper Contact Form below.
• Please note your camper’s name in the Subject line of the email
• Send emails that are uplifting, encouraging and beneficial to your child’s experience. Please send meaningful correspondence to your camper.
• Please do not send pictures as a part of any emails.
• Campers do not have access to a computer to reply to your messages.

We recognize that campers enjoy receiving mail from home while at camp and want to continue to allow this to be a part of the camp experience. Please follow these guidelines to help make this possible.